Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Tuesday Night Bloggers

In a nod to Agatha Christie's classic book of Miss Marple short stories, The  Thirteen Problems (aka The Tuesday Club Murders in the US), in which Miss Marple herself as well as other individuals swap stories about real-life mysteries, some of us in the mystery blogging community have formed

The Tuesday Night Bloggers

a group dedicated to discussing aspects of all things Agatha.

Here are the links to some very original and interesting pieces by our club members (I have one too, on the way):

Bev Hankins, Murder on the Orient Express: Review and Audio-Visual Extravaganza
Brad Friedman, The Bloodstained Pavement, Part I: Agatha Christie and the Serial Killer
Curtis Evans, Deathtraps, Dream Bombs, Snow, Flakes, Third Girl
Helen Szamuely, The Mystery of Raymond West
Jeffrey Marks, He Must be Belgian!
Moira Redmond, An Agatha Christie List
Noah Stewart, Christie's Rarest Paperback Editions