Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday Night Bloggers, March Edition Week Five (John Dickson Carr)

Greetings all.  I, the Passing Tramp, am hosting the Tuesday Night Club Bloggers at my modest digs tonight.  So without further preliminaries here are links to the final round of posts for the month of March, all concerning that amazing minister of miracles, John Dickson Carr:

Sticking to the Formula
At the Villa Rose (Xavier Lechard)

A Review of It Walks by Night 
Cross Examining Crime (Kate Jackson)

John Dickson Carr's Best Book?
Clothes in Books (Moira Redmond)

A Review Who Killed Matthew Corbin?
Tipping My Fedora (Sergio Angelini)

April brings us not only Fool's Day, but also a Tuesday Night Bloogers month-long look at the madcap crime novels of Phoebe Atwood Taylor, whom one might dub the April Fool of mystery writers.  Enjoy!