Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Owner Lies Dead (1930) and Johnny on the Spot (1943): Two More Vintage Mystery Reissues

Tyline Perry's The Owner Lies Dead was one of the most praised detective novels of 1930, in both Great Britain and the United States, a product of the High Golden Age, boasting not only an ingenious sort of "miracle" murder plot but an intriguing and unusual setting (a Colorado coalmining town) and appealing characters; while Amen Dell's Johnny on the Spot is an endearing World War Two thriller boasting a memorable company of characters, narrative elan and a well-conveyed Greenwich Village setting that was highly praised by Anthony Boucher, who picked Amen Dell as one of the most promising mystery newcomers of the year.

Both these novels are being reprinted by Coachwhip, in spiffy new editions with introductions by me.

I have already blogged about "Amen Dell," aka Irving Mendell (ie, "A Mendell"--get it?), here; but there is more to come on his sole known mystery novel, as well as more on Tyline Perry.  Stay tuned.

Also, I wanted to note that I am doing some collection down sizing and I direct anyone interested in buying from my collection to check out my eBay page here.  You may see something you'd like.  This Tramp has seen a lot of interesting things over the years!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Vintage Mystery Reissues by Coachwhip: The Rumble Murders, Anonymous Footsteps, The Hex Murder

Here is the latest group of vintage mystery reissues from Coachwhip.  For three of these books I have written introductions.  Two of these three books, The Rumble Murders and Anonymous Footsteps, I have written about previously at the blog.  The third, The Hex Murder, was reviewed, highly favorably, by John Norris over at Pretty Sinister Books last year.

Coachwhip has also reprinted Crime in Corn Weather (1935), by Mary Meigs Atwater, which I reviewed here at this blog several years ago, and John Ferguson's The Grouse Moor Murder (1934), a classic Golden Age English mystery.  You should check those out too!