Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The Mote in Goldeneye

Has anyone ever dealt with Goldeneye Books, I wonder?  The owner seems oddly temperamental.  I had ordered a book, paid for it online on April 1,but he was to send a supplementary shipping charge.  He did that on April 2 but I had forgotten the order missed his email (my fault but I always have my hands so full these days).  Now I just got an email from him saying he's canceling the money request and returning the payment and won't sell the book to me, even though he kind of already had sold it to me.  I had already paid him for the book and as long as he wasn't shipping it was pure profit for him.  I don't see why there couldn't have been an accommodation.  

The irony is this was an author we are reprinting, so that will be one less book for the series.  Too bad the matter couldn't be worked out.


  1. Yes I've dealt with him, I sent him a correction for his web page and told him I'd borrowed a couple of 1930's D/J images from his site for my Agatha Christie/ John Rhode Web site and I hoped he didn't mind. I got back a terse reply that he had would sue me for copyright infringement if I didn't immediately remove the two pictures from my web page.

    1. He has always struck me as someone only interested in his own blog and no one else's.

  2. Well, this was the conclusion of his response today, it's a masterpiece of snark and sarcasm, that's for sure. I guess we won't be dealing with each other in future. Too bad, it all seems utterly stupid to me.

    So in conclusion, can I apologise for the fact I heard nothing at all from you in about 5 days and I also apologise for politely returning your money due to having no idea what was happening your end.
    All the best
    Goldeneye Rare Books

  3. Horrible person, IMO. I had a similar nasty email exchange about a photo of one of his books he found on my blog. I get so tired of all of that nonsense with passive aggressive booksellers trying to protect their wares. What happens when the book is sold? Do they still try to protect the image? I doubt it. When it's gone what's the point of all that protection? Waste of everyone's time. You can't stop people from taking screenshots on their phones anyway.