Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mysteries Unlocked (2014): Essays in Honor of Douglas G. Greene

Mysteries Unlocked now has an Amazon page.

As you know if you regularly read this blog, this book, scheduled for publication in July, is a collection of essays in honor of the seventieth birthday of Professor Douglas G. Greene, biographer of the great Golden Age detective novelist John Dickson Carr, head of Crippen & Landru Publishers and one of the most accomplished and admired figures in mystery genre criticism over the last thirty-five years.

Incidentally, there will be an electronic version.

Here is a list of the additional contributors (with links to blogs, etc.), in alphabetical order:

Sergio Angelini
Mike Ashley
Mauro Boncompagni
Jon L. Breen
John Curran
Michael Dirda
Martin Edwards
Roger Ellis
Joseph Goodrich
Julia Jones
Marvin Lachman
Peter Lovesey
Jeffrey Marks
Tom Nolan
Patrick Ohl
Boonchai Panjarattanakorn
B. A. Pike
William Ruehlmann
Jack Seabrook
Steven Steinbock
Helen Szamuely
Henrique Valle
David Whittle

A lot of fellas here, I know, but we do have essays that cover Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers (2), Margery Allingham (2), P. D. James, Jill Paton Walsh, Craig Rice (yes, Craig's a she) and Carolyn Wells.  Not to mention essays on Thomas Hanshew, Max Rittenberg, J. S. Fletcher, John Dickson Carr (2, plus he gets mentioned a lot elsewhere, believe me), Anthony Berkeley Cox, Edmund Crispin, Patrick Quentin (a conglomerate name that for a time included two women writers), Hake Talbot, T. S. Eliot, Fernando Pessoa, Raymond Chandler, Fredric Brown, Ross Macdonald, Ellery Queen, Rene Reouven, the Detection Club and Doug Greene himself of course.*

*(additionally Jon L. Breen writes about a raft of ten forgotten mystery short story writers)

Also, I am pleased to note that, with ten U. S. contributors, we are not exclusively a U. S. crew by any means.  Admiration for Doug's work and the mystery fiction he has written about and published extends across the globe.

I will be posting the full table of contents soon.


  1. Can't wait Curt - well done chum.

  2. A fine list of contributors, with the exception of that swine Patrick Ohl...

  3. Very pleased with everyone, even that hound Patrick.