Friday, February 10, 2017

Miscellany at the Passing Tramp: Rumbles, Footsteps, Closets and Elizabeth Gill

As promised here are some maps and floor plans from The Rumble Murders and Anonymous Footsteps, first the endpaper map of Randall Green and Hangman's Hill from The Rumble Murders and next three stories of the imposing and isolated Lanard mansion from Anonymous Footsteps.

Next up, a better copy of the photo of Elizabeth Gill, author of The Crime CoastWhat Dread Hand? and Crime De Luxe, reissued by Dean Street Press.

In addition to writing detective fiction, Gill painted, like her husband Colin Gill, and she also dabbled in fashion design.  She appears to have been a stylish woman, judging from this photo.

More reprint news coming soon, plus covers for the new editions.

Finally, a nice review of Murder in the Closet by Kevin Killian at Lambda Literary.


  1. Congratulations on the great review, Curtis! Murder in the Closet is sitting on my bedside table waiting to be devoured!

  2. My searches for The Rumble Murders and Anonymous Footsteps have produced zippo in reprint editions. Have they been released yet? Will they only be available directly from the publisher? I'm trying to be patient, but this is frustrating me. Almost as frustrating as being unable to pre-order a copy of the Stacey Bishop reprint from John Pugmire's enterprise.

    1. They'll be ready this month, promise! Enjoyed your review of the QP today!