Saturday, December 25, 2021

Have Yourselves a Very Cornell Christmas! (or Maybe Not)

I thought this Sixties Christmas card from Cornell Woolrich to his friend Don Yates (pictured below) was very characteristic of the moody author in its calculated sense of ambiguity.  On the plus side, from most of the sad accounts of Woolrich's life, you'd be surprised to learn that he even owned Christmas cards and actually took the time to send them to people.

But let me assure all readers of The Passing Tramp that I always miss you when you're not here!  Unless you only ever comment about typos. ;)

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to you all.  And may there be many mysteries in your futures.


  1. Have a lovely holiday, Curt. It's positively balmy up here in the Windy City. Not a flake of snow this month. Only rain. I feel like I'm revisiting my past life when I did theater in Sarasota, Florida.

    1. Yeah it was in the 70s here. But snow expected on Sunday! So it will be our first real winter weather, in 2022.

  2. At this point in time I can only hope you had a great Chistmas, but I can wish you a happy New Year.

  3. Hope your Christmas was joyous and wishing you a fine New Year. Each of your posts are of great interest. Thanks for the Woolrich card.

  4. Happy new year to everyone. Always glad to find people enjoy the blog.

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