Thursday, August 16, 2012

I've Been Flickr'ed! More on Masters of the "Humdrum" Mystery (2012)

An update on Masters of the 'Humdrum" Mystery before tomorrow's forgotten book piece on the short stories of Joyce Porter (I hope a book that's actually still in print can qualify as such!).

The word is spreading!
Humdrum is the new Hip
First, from a German reader going by the tag rauter25 who bought Masters, a nice mention (with photo) on flickr.

And here's a mention from the noted mystery critic and writer Jon L. Breen, much appreciated:

"Revisionist History" (by Jon L. Breen)

Jon says my book chips away at the modern predominant view of Golden Age detective fiction as almost exclusively the province of four Crime Queens and he calls Masters "an excellent new book."

The book's been out for a couple months and now shows up in two dozen library catalogs, including:

Notre Dame, Iowa State, University of Wisconsin, College of Charleston, University of Pittsburgh, University of Texas,Texas Tech, George Mason, Penn State, University of Pennsylvania, the Toronto Public Library, University of Maryland, Old Dominion (home of Doug Greene!), Colorado State, New York University, Harvard, University of Nevada, UCLA, and the University of Southern California, Miami University (now in the news because of Paul Ryan) and Wright State University

Let this be encouragement to other universities to get on board!  It would be nice to have Masters made accessible in as many libraries as possible.

More anon.

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