Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday's Forgotten Author

What Golden Age mystery writer once lived at this apartment house in Nob Hill, San Francisco?  Not only is my coming Friday detective novel forgotten today, so is the author, though he appears to have been part of the social circle of the noted mystery critic and author Anthony Boucher in the 1940s.  Be sure to check in this weekend and see just who this person is!


  1. Since you say "he" I'm guessing it's a man. Though it could be Lenore Glen Offord or Virginia Rath if you are trying to trick us.

    My first guess is John Mersereau whose book MURDER LOVES COMPNAY I am planning to review. Darn you, if you beat me to it! Other guesses: James Benet, Whitman Chambers, David Dodge, Robert Finnegan. I doubt you'd review any of the last three. They're more in the private eye and hardboiled style.

    I will await patiently to see if one of them turns out to be right.

  2. I'm guessing that the author is Gelett Burgess...

  3. John and Jeff,

    all shall soon be revealed! It's not Burgess, though he had a mystery reviewed by Todd Downing (see Clues and Corpses). And it's not Murder Loves Company. It is "Murder"--but Murder with another verb and object.