Monday, December 2, 2013

Gone Fishing: A Mystery Artifact

Lake Wallenpaupack     Aug. 20, 43

Dear Son & Daughter: We caught 3 Pike and 1 calico Bass yesterday, 3 Pike today, 3 pike 17 in, 1 pike 19, 2 pike 20 in, the best catches of the week.  It was very cold last night.  I was cold under 4 blankets. We are using the [lend?], could not get a cottage.  It was very hot on the lake this afternoon.  The lake was very calm this afternoon and the fish would not bite at all.  My worms are in bad condition, may not hold out for my vacation.  Mother & Dad.

Fred Adams
Mt. Greenwood Road
Luzurne Co.
Penna [Pennsylvania]

This whimsical (and slightly racy) postcard was tucked inside my copy of Theodora DuBois' Death Is Late to Lunch.

Signed in the front of the book is Jane H. (or L.) Adams.  I assume this was Mrs. Fred Adams.  I hope for the sake of her 1943 summer vacation she enjoyed fishing like her husband.  Or did she spend much of it reading Death Is Late to Lunch?  If so, I hope she liked it better than I did!

But most of all I wonder, did the worms hold out?!


  1. Oh, Curtis, I love it that you found that connection to the past. Perhaps the book didn't make your 'top ten' list, but what an interesting bonus!

  2. Margot, yes, I love "provenance" to a book.

  3. I read many a mystery by the shores of Fairview Lake, just up the road from Lake Wallenpaupack.

  4. I spent a very memorable weekend in a cabin on the shores of Lake Wallenpaupack back in 1983. It became the basis for my first full length play. Ah, the Pocono mountains...

  5. What a treat! I live in Pennsylvania, on the west side of the state, and have never been to Lake Wallenpaupack. Will have to remedy that soon!

  6. My Mom's from PA, I will have to ask her if she's ever been to this place!