Friday, October 9, 2015

The Inspector Furnival Mysteries of Annie Haynes

In addition to the four Inspector Stoddart detective novels of Annie Haynes, Dean Street Press has reprinted her three Inspector Furnival mysteries: The Abbey Court Murder(1923), The House in Charlton Crescent (1926) and The Crow's Inn Tragedy (1927).

Earlier this year I reviewed The House in Charlton Crescent here, and I also discussed a true life Victorian crime that is partially reflected in the novel, one involving the famous Inspector Whicher of Constance Kent fame and was perpetrated in Annie Haynes and her companion Ada Heather-Biggs's own house, decades before they lived there.

See The Affair of the Bracelet: Miss Brown and the Robbery at Radnor Place.

Posts about The Abbey Court Murder and The Crow's Inn Tragedy are to follow.


  1. I'm quite excited by the onslaught of these reprints; I've just put in an order for "The Crime at Tattenham Corner", and I'm looking forward to it arriving.

    Sorry if this question pre-empts your upcoming posts on 'Abbey Court' and 'Crow's Inn'... But I was wondering if you have a recommendation among the three Inspector Furnival titles? Thinking of getting one out of the three titles to try out.

    It seems that Dean Street Press is releasing a third title by Ianthe Jerrold - and I thought she had only written two mysteries!

    1. She wrote another mystery and a spy novel under a pseudonym in the 1940s. I mention in one of the Jerrold intros.

      You might try Charlton Crescent first of the Furnivals. Abbey Court was her second book (and in fact had been serialized before her first one was published) and has the strongest flavor of the sensation novel. Of course for some this would be a plus, depends on your taste.

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