Friday, September 26, 2014

Night Call: Another Ring

On my last post about Night Call Kevin Killian in his comments to the review stated that there are an additional dozen or more unpublished stories--good ones--in the Charlotte Armstrong papers. Moreover, going by the select bibliography provided in Night Call, there are some other Armstrong stories that were published but to this date never gathered in a Charlotte Armstrong collection. So is there enough additional material out there good enough for another book?  Hope so!

I also wanted to note that Doug tells me that just as Night Call was coming off the press, one of the editors, Kirby McCauley, passed away, at the age of 72.  He was a literary agent who, genre fans should know, edited the landmark horror anthology Dark Forces.

A fine tribute to McCauley is found here.


  1. Kirby McCauley, passed away, at the age of 72

    Damn! That's bad news.