Sunday, March 23, 2014

CADS 67 (Crime and Detective Stories)

The new issue of CADS: An Irregular Magazine of Comment and Criticism about Crime and Detective Fiction, is out.  As you can see on the right, I have an article in there about the Golden Age detective novels of Emma Lou Fetta, which are being reprinted this Spring by Coachwhip.

It is an illuminating issue as per norm, but I was especially interested in Arthur Vidro's piece on the real world origin of Ellery Queen's fictional town Wrightsville, so important in the author's later work (Vidro's piece originally appeared in the program notes to Joseph Goodrich's stage adaptation of Ellery Queen's landmark detective novel Calamity Town, which Vidro directed); an article by John Cooper on the late Simon Nash (1924-2013), a contemporary of P. D. James who wrote a short series of classical detective novels, reprinted in the 1980s, but sadly seemingly forgotten since; John Curran's fascinating investigation of just when Agatha Christie's play Black Coffee (1930) actually was written; and David G. Rowland's look at works by Sax Rohmer, one of whose Dr. Fu-Manchu novels I am planning to review here next week.

There are also articles by Philip L. Scowcroft on Christie's The Sittaford Mystery, by Lyn McConchie and Mike Ripley on the novels of Josephine Tey and Margery Allingham, Bob Adey on Joel Townsley Rogers' The Red Right Hand and B. A. Pike's ongoing series on the short stories of H. C. Bailey and more. Lots of great stuff for the detective fiction fan!  If you are interested in getting this issue or back issues, contact Geoff Bradley at

Here's Martin Edwards, incidentally, on CADS and the recent CADS dinner (with a bit on the upcoming Doug Greene festschrift).


  1. Already received my copy in the mail! Now that's service! Great magazine, too.

    Where's a list of contents of the back issues?

    1. Tony, ask Geoff, I think he has several indexes of the back articles. Glad you like it, it's grand I think.