Friday, February 13, 2015

A Tip on My Next Book Review

Have you seen this man?
I should have a new book review uploaded tomorrow and I know you must be wondering what the reviewed book will be.  Well, here's a tip: the sleuth in the book actually is not this gentleman to the left, though you might be forgiven for thinking otherwise, when you see the name! Tell me, either here or on my Facebook page, the title and author of this book before I get the review uploaded and I will be happy to send the first person to do so, if you are in the US, a free book: a paperback copy of Christopher's Bush's The Case of the Tudor Queen.*

*(hint: that's not the book I'll be reviewing, nor is the book anything by Christopher Bush).

Good luck!


  1. Motto for Murder by "Merlda Mace"

    1. No, but you are on the right track, sir, with the name of the sleuth!

    2. Can I take another swing? The Green Shadow by James Edward Grant.

  2. And we have a winner! And only one contestant, but, hey, you got it. I will have to see about getting your book to you.