Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ruth Rendell's 85th and her 75th

Today is Ruth Rendell's 85th birthday, an occasion I felt deserved recognition from The Passing Tramp.  I'll be reviewing yet another book by Rendell tomorrow (this is turning into the year of Rendell at this blog), but I wanted to take note of her milestone birthday today.

About six weeks ago Ruth Rendell had a stroke and the most recent news reports I have seen, from a month ago, put her in "critical but stable" condition. News accounts also stated that late last year, not long before her stroke, she delivered a novel manuscript to her publisher, so there will definitely be a new Rendell novel this year.  It is to be titled Dark Corners, a most apt title for a Ruth Rendell novel.  This will be her 66th novel. Including this new novel and her separately published novellas and short fiction collections Ruth Rendell has authored, I believe, 75 books of original fiction.

My review of the very hard-boiled The Green Shadow I am delaying until Friday, as that day's forgotten book.  Also I hope on the weekend to post a review of one of my favorite films from last year, a crime film based on the work of one of the most respected modern American crime writers (I believe he's so respected it's even been said he "transcends the genre").  Considering that the Rendell novel I'll be reviewing opens with four shooting murders, it's going to be rather a week of comparative rough stuff at The Passing Tramp--so prepare yourselves!

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