Friday, May 2, 2014

Kindling to Cornell 2: The Penny-a-Worder (1958), by Cornell Woolrich

Oh, this is a good one!  And you can get "The Penny-a-Worder" for only 99 cents on Kindle (it's also included, along with "Murder, Obliquely," in the Francis M. Nevins edited Woolrich collection Tonight, Somewhere in New York (2005).

I'll be writing in detail about this classic short story later today and I hope to follow-up Sunday with a review of Black Alibi (1942), the third of Woolrich's "black" crime novels.

Every time I read Woolrich I find myself thinking it's been too long since I read him!  I also hope to talk a little next week about the mysterious author's life and what we really know about him.

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  1. If this is the story I'm remembering (pulp writer holed up in a hotel room working on a deadline), it's wonderful.

  2. Yup, that's the one (see latest piece). Woolrich at his most inspired is hard to beat.